Which Supplements Should You Take as a Vegan?

I would like to start off this post by saying that I am not a nutritionist. These are simply the supplements that I have decided to take through my personal research, and have helped me stay healthy over the past two years.

I also feel as though it’s important to point out that most of the supplements I take as a vegan are also the same/the equivalent of supplements that people who eat animal products take as well. In fact, if you’re eating an exceptionally clean, healthy, and balanced vegan diet, you may not need to take supplements at all. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a good thing to do in order to cover all your bases and really make sure your body is getting everything it needs.

Effervescent Multivitamin (Includes Vit C, Zinc, Biotin, Various B Vitamins)
I love taking these vitamins because it doesn’t even feel like I’m taking supplements. When you put one of these tablets in water it fizzes and turns the water into a really tasty orange flavoured drink. I drink this every morning when I wake up and I think it’s a great way to start the day.

I love that it contains Biotin, which is great for your hair, nails, and skin, as well as Vitamin C, Zinc, and lots of B Vitamins, all of which help keep you healthy and have been proven to lower your risks of certain diseases.

Iron with B12
Here are the big ones that every vegan gets asked about. Although there are plenty of plant-based iron and B12 sources, people seem to be convinced that all vegans are deficient in these two things.

The fact of the matter is, a lot of people are, whether they eat animal products or not. Many people, especially young women, should be taking an iron supplement. I love these ones because they contain extra B12, which I already get from my multivitamin, but I like to take more because it just gives me so much energy.

A word of warning though, if you’re like me and you drink a lot of green tea, avoid taking these tablets before, during, or directly after drinking it. Green tea is great for you, but can inhibit your body’s absorption of iron. I usually take my iron supplements in the evening for this reason.

Vegan Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) With Plant-Based Vitamin D3
You may not have thought about taking an Omega 3 supplement, I know it didn’t cross my mind until about a year ago, but it’s actually very important that you do. Omega 3 is really important for the health of your heart, and is also proven to improve brain function.

Doctors often recommend that people take fish oil tablets in order to get their daily dose of Omega 3, which can be disheartening for vegans and vegetarians. Luckily, there is a great plant-based substitute! Algae oil supplements are easy to purchase online and in health-foods shops. The ones I use also contain vegan Vitamin D3, which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. I take them twice a day, morning and night.

I hope this post was able to help someone out, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments!

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