6 Ethical and Sustainable Athleisure Brands to Look Out For

Workout gear and leisurewear is an area that can easily be overlooked when building a sustainable wardrobe, and is also not something most would feel comfortable buying secondhand. Not to worry though, as there are plenty of brilliant sustainable and ethically made athleisure bands to choose from! Here are six of them:

Milochie is an independent British yoga brand that make leggings and sports bras from natural, breathable fabric. They have a huge variety of different designs and collections inspired by the elements and popular travel destinations.

Shift To Nature
Based in Australia, Shift To Nature doesn’t just produce active-wear, but has a huge variety of it to choose from. They use organic cotton and bamboo to create their clothing sustainably. They sell clothing from their own in house brand as well as other ethical brands, and they work to ensure that all of their brands adhere to fairtrade production practices.

Made in an ethical factory in New York, using sustainable materials, Miakoda produces the perfect clothes for a workout or for simply lazing around the house all day. With a huge range of versatile and size-inclusive pieces, the brand also uses clothing scraps that would otherwise be thrown away to create small accessories like scrunchies, making it an almost fully zero-waste brand.

Organic Basics
Organic Basics hails from Denmark and produces sustainably and ethically made sports bras, socks, and leggings. They also have a huge selection of ethical underwear. They use organic cotton as well as real silver in their clothing, as it has natural antimicrobial properties. They produce their clothing in European factories and have many certifications, from the likes of the Global Organic Textile Standard to the Business Social Compliance Initiative, that support their ethical practices. They have information about their factories readily available on their website.

Posto9 yoga and activewear is designed in London and Ibiza, and made in Rio de Janeiro. The clothing is produced by a small group of women who are paid fairly for their work, and the brand is passionate about empowering and enabling women in low-income areas of the city to become financially independent.

Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend Collective uses recycled plastic bottles to make their fabric, and their clothing is produced in a family owned and run factory in Denmark. They offer complete transparency about their production practices, and their clothing is versatile and size-inclusive.

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Cover image: Milochie

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